Busted! Don’t Believe These Home Renovation Myths!

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Renovations are a great way to improve your home’s functionality and give your house a much-needed makeover. However, if you’re planning on carrying out a renovation project, you need to put in a significant amount of effort and time to get the results you desire. 

Unfortunately, not many homeowners are aware of the fundamentals of renovation and construction. Insufficient knowledge, along with misconceptions and myths about home renovation, can result in costly errors, which may hamper the progress of your project. To help you steer clear of a similar situation, PB Construction has debunked three of the most widely believed myths about home renovation.

Myth 1: You don’t need a professional to help with your renovation. 

Many homeowners believe that they can save money and time by not hiring an architect or designer to help with a major renovation. Not working with a professional will lead to a disorganized project and a lot of re-doing because you will not be happy with the aesthetic results. The cabinet plans will not be carefully reviewed. The selections will not be coordinated properly, and the money you saved in professional fees will be trivial compared to what will be wasted in either makeovers or permanent dissatisfaction with the results.

Myth 2: Sustainability raises the initial cost and is not worth spending more.

Sustainability is defined as using materials and practices that increase energy efficiency and promote a healthy atmosphere inside your building. Many people believe that sustainability increases the initial cost of renovating a home or office, and the payback period is too long to make it worth doing sustainable construction. Many skimp on using high-quality windows, wood, metal roofing, and tile floors because of their premium pricing. However, the quality of life and the utility bills in a building with these in the construction make it clear that they are worth using. Overall comfort, savings in monthly electric, gas and water bills, and healthy indoor atmosphere provide you not only with a pleasurable living experience but also support enhanced resale value. In addition, your architect can design your building to take advantage of the prevailing breezes, and the seasonal sun angles on your lot to give you a “no-cost” upgrade for your building.

Myth 3: You can make changes at any stage during the construction process.

People believe they can change their projects on the fly as the project is being built. Some customers feel that it doesn’t matter what stage the building process is in to make selections or changes. Change orders are the most destructive aspect of construction projects, both schedule-wise and budget-wise. Not only do they create delays and redundant spending, but they also increase labor and frustration for the design team and the contractor. Design selections made adequately before a project even begins means the project elements will be properly integrated, and the schedule will be followed smoothly. As a result, there will be fewer mistakes and a more manageable punch list at the end of the project, and the budget will be adhered to more closely.

To steer clear of these and other myths related to home renovation, reach out to PB Construction. As experts in commercial and residential construction in Austin, TX, we are committed to fulfilling our clients’ renovation and other construction needs. Our service-oriented practice, quality workmanship, and attention to detail enables us to come up with the most energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing construction and renovation solutions. Our grounding in engineering and wealth of knowledge in the field of construction and interior design helps us complete our clients’ projects smoothly and in accordance with their specifications. We serve across Austin and the surrounding Texas areas.

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